There is a great shortage of qualified nurses in The Netherlands. We want to help you to solve this problem in a sustainable manner. We can provide your healthcare organization with qualified (BIG registered) nurses and assistent-nurses (verzorgende IG).  We recruit many nurses abroad The Netherlands. Some come from EU countries, some come from countries outside the EU like Servia, the USA or Libanon. Our nurses have achieved at least the B1 Dutch level. We have organized intensive Dutch language courses. When they come from outside the EU we help them praparing for the AKV exam and BI exam, in order to obtain BIG registration.


We can provide nurses and assistant nurses for the elderly care, nurses for OB/GYN,  ICU, CCU, ER or Operation Room nurses.


Application proces

During the process of learning the Dutch language we also help the nurses to prepair for working in the Dutch culture, with Dutch protocols and how to uses specific Dutch medical terminology.

This whole process takes about 10 months.

First we ensure that their nursing education is acknowleged by the Dutch Governement (IDW/Nuffic).

During that process (when they have already achieved the A2 level) we organize meetings between the candidates and healthcare organizations. In this way you can “reserve” a candidate to came and work with your organzation when they have finished their Language course and they can obtain the BIG registration.

Personalized Care for our nurses

 The Jobcoaches also keep close contact with you as employers to ensure the successful integration of our nurses into your workforce. Euronize Healthcare helps the nurses to find a house or appartment close the the working location. Euronize Healthcare also provides jobcoaches during the first 6 months when these foreign nurses start to work in The Netherlands. The jobcoaches help them to get used to the specific Dutch working environment.

Secondment agreement

The nurses are officially employed by Euronize Healthcare and they are placed at your Healthcare organization. In this way there is no risk according to sickleave or when you are not satisfied by the quality of work.

For Employers

    You have vacancies for:



     1. The employers provides us with the vacancies that are open

    2. Euronize Healthcare provides the matching candidates. The candidates are in the process of learning the Dutch language and they are at least at the A2+ level. An inverview in Dutch is possible.

    3. The Employer “reserves” a candidate that matches. This candidate will be ready to start working in the Netherlands within approximately 3 months.

    4. As soon as the candidate arrives in The Netherlands the labor contract will be activated. The candidate will be coached by the jobcoach of Euronize Healthcare.

    5. All candidates will have the BIG registration when they start working as a qualified nurse

    6. The nurses are officially employes by Euronize Healthcare. All HR risks (e.g. sickleave) lays with Euronize Healthcare. The candidate is placed at the employers location under a secondment agreement.

    7. When a employer is not satified the nurse will be replaced by another nurse, according to the regulations in the agreement.


    Register your vacancy

    Please register your vacancies, so we can help you solving your problems with the shortage of qualified nurses in The Netherlands

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